Unsolved ammonia problem

the unsolved
ammonia problem


The unsolved ammonia problem

Ammonia in our atmosphere has an enormous negative impact on agriculture, ecosystems in general.

All animals eat protein and some other forms of nitrogen in their feed in order to produce nitrogen-rich meat, milk, or eggs. However, the degree to which nitrogen-rich feed for animals creates nitrogen-rich food products for humans remains low. From 50% to 80% of the nitrogen in animal feed ends up as waste.

Major sources of harmful NH3 emissions are barns, manure storage facilities, and land with manure used as fertilizer.

The immediate effect of ammonia on farm animals

Where does the Ammonia come from in barns?

Animals are not 100% efficient at digesting valuable nutrients, therefore, undigested nutrients are excreted in the feces. nitrogen (N) in the manure forms ammonia (NH3), a colorless gas with a strong smell that is extremely irritating to mucous membranes such as the ones that line the mouth, eyes, and respiratory tract.

Where does all this lead to?

  • Chronic and acute respiratory diseases of livestock
  • Might cause death
  • Performance loss of horses, destroying an athlete’s future due to coughs at the slightest exertion and needing rest stops
  • Even a short exposure for humans is also highly toxic

Currently used solutions & misconceptions

farmer stacking manure

Performing stall cleaning twice daily

seed icon

Decreasing the nitrogen content in feeds

ammonia ventilation

Designing barns with ammonia
escape routes and ventilation

farm animal

Housing horses on shavings
instead of straws contributes
to lower ammonia levels

barn icon

Using new style barns as opposed to old-style barns, although the effectiveness of the new style barns have not been proven

limestone icon

Ground limestone has a high pH,
ground limestone creates favourable
conditions for NH
3  formation and volatilization

inside barn

Addressing the Ammonia Problem at the source with BIORESQ™

Since Ammonia soaks into the floor or any kind of bedding, the problem needs to be addressed at the SOURCE. 

BIORESQ is designed for troubleshooting ammonia and restoring contaminated and damaged areas and facilities.

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