Distributor & Partner program

For distributors

Broaden your product portfolio with products approved for organic farming, offering a cost-effective solution for both organic and traditional farmers. Should you wish to become an official distributor of Green Arsenal products, we provide all necessary sales and marketing materials in English in order to market our products successfully. Apart from that, our experts stay at your disposal, if you need advice on the use of the product.

For B2B consumers

We offer custom pricing for B2B consumers and end-users who wish to apply
our products on a large scale. Purchase directly from the manufacturer to
save distributor markup. Moreover, we also provide expert advice on how to
apply our products. Do you have a specific issue you wish to overcome? Let
us help you to find the right, sustainable solution without using chemicals!





Comparing plant nutrient results

Let our results convince you

We conducted an experiment with BIOREMIQTM on various crops in 2020 in the North of Hungary on an educational farm. All crops treated with the solution far exceeded the control group in both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Treated tomatoes are a great example of the difference. While the treatment group had only a few tomatoes, the treated plant was full of fruits and still did not show any sign of collapsing since the stems grew strong enough to carry the weight.

A Virágüzlet 1054 Budapest, Báthory u. 20. www.aviraguzlet.hu
Budai Kertcentrum 1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 95. www.budaikertcentrum.hu
Budaörsi Kertészet 2040 Budaörs, Rákóczi u. 40. www.budaorsikerteszet.hu
Cinkotai Gazdabolt 1164 Budapest, Szabadföld u. 45. www.cinkotaigazdabolt.hu
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Mátra-Kert Gyöngyös 3200  Gyöngyös, Farkasmáj www.biokertapolas.hu 
MOAI Virág 1094 Budapest, Víg u. 20. www.moaivirag.hu
Muskátli center 2144 Kerepes, Vasút u. 23. www.muskatliviragcenter.hu
Orchidea – Virágház 1112 Budapest, Hegyalja út 190. www.farkasreti-orchideaviraghaz.hu

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Get in touch with our colleagues who will follow up on your inquiry within 1 working day. Please, indicate whether you are a distributor or a farmer and for what purposes you plan on purchasing our products. The more details you provide, the more prepared our colleagues can be when they get back to you with a unique offer.

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