BIOREMIQ Essence 3 x 25ml

BIOREMIQ Essence 3 x 25ml


In stock 0.75 kg .


BIOREMIQ™ as a bacterial fertilizer and plant nutrient based on earthworm humus is a plant conditioning product. Its regular application promotes resistance in plants and promotes the restoration of soil life. It can be used in all kinds of crops, in all cycles of cultivation. It stimulates growth, increases drought tolerance and resistance to various pathogens.

BIOREMIQ™ may be used both as soil or leaf fertilizer. As such, it significantly reduces the adverse effects of unfavourable climatic conditions as well as yield losses caused by pests and pathogens (eg. various bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes).

The earthworm humus, which is the raw material of BIOREMIQ™, contains large amounts of macro- and microelements, trace elements, vitamins, natural enzymes and hormones that enhances physiological processes in plants. It improves the quality and quantity of the crop, and it may also have a beneficial effect on its transportability and shelf life.

Main characteristics of BIOREMIQ™:

  • Free of GMOs and synthetic chemicals.
  • Allowed in organic production.
  • Fits into existing technologies.
  • Economic use.
  • Re-entry period and pre-harvest interval: 0 days both

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg

3 x 25ml


N at least 0.0021%, P2O2 at least 0.03%, K2O at least 0.01%, Ca at least 0.01%, Mg at least 0.004%

Physical properties

light brown odorless liquid, pH-neutral, contains only natural substances


BIOREMIQ ™ contains live bacterial strains. Its use in combination with bactericidal fungicides and broad-spectrum biocides greatly reduces its effectiveness. A waiting period of at least 3 days must be adhered between treatment with the above-mentioned agents and the application of BIOREMIQ ™!


Shelf life of BIOREMIQ ™ is 2 years


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