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Természetes a termék?

Yes, everything on Green Arsenal’s portfolio is made out of organic ingredients. The products are based on vermicompost enzymes. 

Káros a termék az állatokra?

No, since the products are  made from earthly elements they are not harmful to any living organisms. 

Mit jelent a tárolási idő?

Shelf life is a period of time during which a product can be stored while still remaining suitable for use.

What types of organisms can be treated with the solution?

BIOREMIQ™ may be applied on any types of living organisms since it does not have any negative side effects. Agricultural crops, horticultural and ornamental plants, and cut flowers can all benefit from the use of the solution. 

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Szabad keverni a terméket más folyadékkal?

Yes, you may mix BIOREMIQ™ with water. The recommended application states that the solution must be diluted at 1-2% concentration of water. However, BIORESQ™ is not recommended to mix with any type of liquids. 

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