Heroes behind Green Arsenal

Heroes behind Green Arsenal

Tibor Kovacs

Inventor of BIOREMIQ™ and BIORESQ™

Tibor Kovács purchased an earthworm strain as well as the technology of humus production from California in 1986. He did not have any formal education and gathered extensive knowledge on earthworm humus as an autodidact. However, he did leverage the advice of outside experts to establish his business. 

The journey from humus production to the birth of BIOREMIQ™ and BIORESQ™ was a long learning process. Tibor grew up in the countryside, which inspired his lifelong desire for a healthy lifestyle. Back in the day, the world knew very little about the consequences of chemical overuse and organic farming was not yet widespread. Still, he had a strong intuition about the dangers of solving every agricultural problem with chemicals. This is how he became devoted to producing food organically and eventually developed BIOREMIQ™.

Along the way, while he was experimenting with earthworm humus-based products, he learned that the agent can also be used for land remediation and boosting the recovery process. As a result, BIORESQ™ came into being. 

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