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BIORESQ™ offers the ultimate solutions

BIORESQ™ is a vermicompost-based enzymatic solution that restores contaminated and damaged areas and facilities. The enzyme content of BIORESQ™ is designed for troubleshooting oil, ammonia, and sewage sludge contaminations.

Introducing BIORESQ

How does BIORESQ™ work?

A special hydrolytic decomposition enzyme mixture of bacterial origin starts to decompose contamination particles such as oil by breaking the hydrocarbon chain. As the enzymes digest waste gradually, wastewater turns into clean water, and oil or contamination spills disappear.

Fields of application


Oil spills

  • Disposal of used oil by enzyme emulsion decomposition
  • Purifying surfaces contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • Cleaning of product pipelines and other surfaces
  • Easily scalable from car mechanic shop applications to large marine spills

Wastewater management

  • Communal wastewater treatment
  • Treatment of organically contaminated waters
  • Dairy wastewater treatment

Contamination decomposition in general

  • Soil recultivation from oily or metallic contamination
  • Promotion of composting processes, including environmentally harmful wastes
  • Cleaning, degreasing, and decontamination of food industry equipment

Key benefits


Easily scalable

100% natural

Harmless for humans, animals, and the environment

Can be used in dark and shadowy areas

GMO- and chemical-free

Approved for the food industry

Compatible with conventional technologies

Currently available treatments vs BIORESQ


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