BIOREMIQ ™ helps where all problems originate

By facilitating the restoration of essential bacteria and nourishing components to the soil, vital minerals are rehabilitated enabling soil recovery and speeding up the process.

Bacteria in this solution produce vitamins, enzymes, and plant hormones, thereby supporting the plant’s physiological processes.

Soil erosion is one of the greatest challenges of agriculture today. Studies have shown that organic farming can reduce erosion risk for row crops due to weed coverage.



Regular use of BIOREMIQ

  • Boosts the self-defense system of the plant
  • Improves yield quality and quantity
  • Positively affects portability and shelf-life
  • 100 % natural, approved for organic farming

Treating leaves with BIOREMIQ

  • BIOREMIQ™ can be sprayed on leaves
  • It’s completely colorless, doesn’t leave a mark
  • No harmful residue, hence no wait time for food consumption
  • The natural enemy of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungal species
  • Protects against nematodes, rootworms and reduces the egg production of  insect larvae 

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Key benefits

Compatible with conventional technologies

May be used on any kind of plantations

Can be used in dark and shadowy areas

No harmful residue, no wait time for food consumption

Harmless for humans, animals and the environment

Cost-effective, may fully replace conventional fertilizers over time

Easily scalable

GMO- and chemical-free

Fields of application


Arable crops

Stalks and straw mixed into the soil are broken down efficiently by bacteria, giving plants access to easily absorbable nutrients.


Vineyards and orchards

Increase the carbon-dioxide uptake of plants by spraying them with BIOREMIQ™ to boost their sugar production.



Structural consistency of topsoil is key for horticultural crops. An airy environment helps plants maintain their stick shapes without spreading out in unwanted directions.


Ornamental plants

Using BIOREMIQ™ relieves the stress caused by chemicals under intense cultivation. Regular use also combats rhizome disease (stem decay & damping-off) and promotes vivid colors and continuous flowering.


Fresh cut flowers

Time is critical: for every extra day spent traveling, flowers lose 15% of their value.

Vase life is the length of time flowers stay fresh after reaching the customer, usually, it is 12-15 days. Fresh cut flowers’ longevity can be doubled with BIOREMIQ™.

Currently available treatments vs. BIOREMIQ™

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